APFab aims to provide a comprehensive welding and fabrication service, targeted mainly but not exclusively, at the motorsport industry. Services and products will include bespoke exhaust systems, radiators and intercoolers, roll cage installations and suspension components.

Michael Moyers

Michael is a highly skilled and experienced welder fabricator with nineteen years’ experience in the industry and a motorsport orientated background. He began his career based at Silverstone Circuit and completed a 3-year Modern Motorsport Apprenticeship at Oxford and Cherwell college and left with an NVQ Level 3 qualification. Having competed at national level himself, Michael has a good understanding of how the motorsport world works, has a huge enthusiasm for the sport and takes a lot pride in what he does.

Over the past years Michael has worked as a welder fabricator for:

  • Bob Salisbury Engineering [F1 show cars – small fabrications]
  • Docking Engineering [Radiators and oil coolers – race car team support]
  • RS Fabrications [Intercoolers, radiators, roll cages, exhausts]
  • Palmer Sport [Race team – who build their own cars]

The Walter Hayes Trophy:

Michael is the two-time winner of the prestigious Walter Hayes Trophy in 2017 and 2018 and continues to compete in the Formula Ford 1600.

Ethan Smith

Ethan is the newest member of the team and is our CAD Designer. With 3 years previous experience and a level 3 Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Anything that needs designing gets sent to him.

He used to work in a machine shop giving him good experience and knowledge in how materials will behave and what manufacturing methods are required to create a product.

Alison Buckby

Alison is our administrator and has had many previous experiences in administration work before.
At the front of our company she takes any calls we receive and ensures all the work is booked in and managed effectively.

Being an avid VW fan and someone who works on her own van at home, she has the required knowledge to help find the right options for you.