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Our services include fabricating:


Here at APF we use only the best cores on the market. This combined with our design and fabrication skills make for a winning formula and proven results. A huge range of tube thickness are available, from a single 27mm through to a twin 126mm! The ITEC cores have become the motorsport industry’s number one choice for high-performance heat transfer designed to minimise pressure drop. These extremely efficient cores are due to the latest in tube wall thickness also boasting an internal turbulator which has been developed specially to suit the tube. These are also incredibly lightweight units. We can manufacture from engineering drawings, a supplied pattern or on the vehicle itself.


We also fabricate oil coolers which can help keep your oil at the optimum temperature for your engine. Keeping the oil at optimum temperature can help keep the lubrication efficiency high, thus protecting the engine from heavily loads of friction. If the temperature is too high, it gets so hot that it struggles to properly lubricate as it doesn’t cling onto the mechanical parts and therefore does not lubricate them putting them at risk of shear stress and tensile stress failure. The core range starts from 30mm deep to 120mm deep with various fin heights and fpi available, we can even manufacture tapered oil coolers. Get in touch with us today to find out more information.


Custom Radiators can improve cooling and are also lightweight and durable compared to the plastic OEM items. Core sizes range from 22mm deep to 110mm deep in any shape or size required and are also available in many different fin heights to suit different applications and conditions. We have many years experience in this field and can cater for any vehicle and application, we can manufacture from engineering drawings, supplied patterns or even manufacture and fit to the vehicle itself.