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Exhaust Systems - precision engineered


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Premium-grade stainless steel → power, efficiency, durability


Premium level quality and consistency are the watchwords of our exhaust fabrication processes.

We create fully comprehensive systems, including manifolds, mainly from 304-grade stainless steel.

We also work with materials such as 321-grade stainless, Inconel and titanium.


Our exhaust systems are among the most efficient and powerful you can buy. But - we never compromise on longevity or reliability.

Optimal primary and secondary lengths, as well as collector lengths and diameters, are all critical to performance, especially on a naturally aspirated engine. We calculate them with the utmost precision.


We use only the best welding techniques. Our exhaust systems are all TIG welded to the very highest standard and are often back-purged too.


We also stock individual components –

  • V-bands
  • slip joints
  • clamps
  • silencers
  • flanges


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