Computer Aided Design

Design Work

With the power of Solidworks we can digitally bring your idea’s to life. If your bespoke ideas are hard to explain, sketched or already a product that you wish to modify we can help.

How will this help me?

We use Solidworks to Digitally create 3D models of our products to help us and you the customer too. This feature is especially useful if you can’t visualize how the product will look. If it isn't what you had imagined, we can always edit the model to suit your needs.

Do you do any 2D Design or Engineering Drawings?

Yes, we can. We use our models created to make an Engineering Drawing which complies to BS8888. If you would like an Engineering Drawing feel free to contact a member of the team to discuss further.

A 4.25" - 5" Wheel Spacer Designed in Solidworks