Ferrari i355

One of our biggest projects recently has been developing a full “race spec” exhaust system for the Ferrari 355 Challenge car.
Having extensively researched the market, it was clear there was improvements to be made on what others had manufactured. Many parameters were measured on the engine to expertly calculate the primary lengths and diameters for optimum bhp and torque. The collector lengths were also calculated as were the secondary pipes, and the decision to go without the balance tube due to the Ferrari V8 engine running a flat plane crank.

Many hours were put into this as packaging was tight due to the lengths needed, but as always here at APF we were successful in achieving all the parameters required. Made from lightweight gauge 304 stainless steel the system is also lighter than standard, V band clamps were used to secure the secondary pipes and silencers, with flexi’s also used to reduce stressing the materials as the standard manifolds can be prone to cracking.
Jigs were also made for the complete system so we are now set up to re-manufacture without the need for the vehicle.

For pricing and availability on our 355 Challenge Exhaust, please call 01933 274579 or email